Winters Hydraulic Service Ltd.
Saturday, May 18, 2024


This department offer a wide variety of special services to ensure quality rebuilding,remanufacturing, and testing of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders.

Winters Hydraulic Service Ltd. offers following cylinder service:

1.Cylinder Rebuilding :

which makes your old cylinders like new again

Dismantelling :

Winters Assembling-Dismantelling bench makes possible to any kind of tough dismantelling.

Cleaning :

Winters parts washer takes care of all the parts to be cleaned and tidy before they go for Assembly.

Honing :

Cylinders are honed to a specific finish which is determined by the type of seal used. Different seals require different finishes in order to seat properly. After the cylinder has been in operation for a time, the bore finish will glaze over. When new seals are to be installed, this bore must be honed to it's original finish in order to guarantee maximum life of the new seals being installed.

Straightening of Bend Rods :

This will make the old Rods straightened and prevents buckling of the Rods.

Hard Chrome Plating :

Winters carry out Hard chrome plating to the surface damaged rods of all sizes. We also carry out internal chrome plating for the cylinder tubes.

Winters economicaly replace the rods which are beyond the scope of repair from In-house stock.

Polishing of Piston Rods :

This operation will remove any small nicks & scratches to provide a clean smooth finish to the old or Rehromed and Grounded rods this will protect the seal lips and makes smooth ride .

Thread and Torque :

This is a critical part of the overhaul process. Winters Hydraulic Torque Bench makes easy to handle difficult torques. Many cylinders in operation today, do not use seal between the piston and the rod. These cylinders rely on extremely high assembly torques to create a metal to metal seal, This is only possible with the Correct torque in the assembly process.

Assembly Of The Cylinders :

Winters Assembly bench can handle any size of Hydraulic Cylinder with the greater efficiency.

Testing :

Our policy is to test all the repairs with winters test bench for its accurate performance and its 100% functioning. This is the reason why we are confident enough to give a Unique Warranty.

Warranty :

Although we're good, we're not perfect. If at any time you feel that we have not repaired your equipment correctly, we will re-examine the piece at no charge to you. If in fact we find that we have not effected a good repair, the defect will be corrected.

2.Custom Cylinder Design and Manufacturing :

Winters Hydraulic Service.builds custom cylinders.